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Making Media Public: Global Crises, Local Opportunities

May 6–8, 2010 — York University, Toronto


Opening roundtable/Reception
Ryerson University
245 Church Street, Room LG-11 (George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre)

6:00 – 7:00 pm RegistrationAlternative & Community Media Fair
7:00 Welcome & Introductory Remarks
7:15 Opening Roundtable: The Trouble With Media
Robert Hackett (Simon Fraser University)
Leslie Regan Shade (Concordia University)
John McGrath
(former CBC public affairs reporter)
Lise Lareau (Canadian Media Guild)
Sharmini Peries (The Real News Network)
9:00 Reception at Churchmouse and Firkin
475 Church St., upstairs


Conference Day 1
York University: Accolade East Building (ACE)

8:30 am Registration
9:00 Welcome & Introduction
9:15 -10:45ACE 001 Roundtable #2 – The Current Crisis: Issues and Challenges Moderator: David SkinnerPeter Murdoch (CEP)
Arnold Amber (CWA-SCA Canada)
John Harris Stevenson (University of Toronto iSchool/NCRA)
Monica Auer (Interconnected Legal Research and Policy Analysis)
Alice Klein (NOW Magazine)
10:45 Coffee/Refreshment Break
11:00 – 12:30 Panel Session 1 1a: Evolving CBC: New Models of Public Service Media? (ACE 004)
Chair: Philip Savage (McMaster University)Roundtable featuring:
Joan Melanson
(Executive Producer, CBC Radio, Toronto)
Kristin Wozniak (Research Officer, CBC Research)
Lise Lareau
(President, Canadian Media Guild)

1b: Producing Alternatives (ACE 009)
Chair: Candace Mooers

Jacky Tuinstra Harrison (GroundWire) Participatory media is public media — A reflection on GroundWire: Community radio news
Darren Alexander
Digital Campfires: Forging New Values through New Media
Simon Tremblay-Pepin
(Le Couac) Experiences and reflections about Le Couac
Carmelle Wolfson & Jesse Rosenfeld
(The Daily Nuisance) Bypassing Middle East correspondents: Using web media to present local perspectives to global audiences
Paul Manly (Smart

1c: Engaging New Media (ACE 011)
Chair: Greg Elmer

Jaigris Hodson (York University) 
Sidney Eve Matrix
(Queen’s University) Storytelling in the statusphere: Millennials curating news media
Mohamed Ben Moussa
(Concordia University) Interactivity and networking as discursive strategies on Islamic and leftist social movements’ websites
Greg Elmer
(Ryerson University)

1d: Creating and Funding New Models for Media (ACE 013)
Chair: David Skinner

Dru Oja Jay (Media Co-Op)
Nick Fillmore
(Freelance media critic)
David Langille
(York University) Doing a poor job well: Feature documentary Poor No More carves a new path
Graham F. Scott
(Editor, This Magazine)
Reisa Levine

12:30 Break for Lunch
1:45 – 3:15 Panel Session 2 2a: Establishing a Connection with Telecom Policy (ACE 004)
Chair: Leslie Regan ShadeRoundtable featuring:
Steve Anderson (
Andrew Clement
(University of Toronto)
Fenwick McKelvey
(Ryerson/York Universities)
Catherine Middleton
(Ryerson University)
Marita Moll
(TeleCommunities Canada)

2b: Media Labour (ACE 009)
Chair: Nicole Cohen

Arnold Amber (Communication Workers of America)
Lise Lareau
(Canadian Media Guild)
Susanna Quail
(York/Ryerson University) The role of media-worker unions in protecting and promoting media democracy in Canada

2c: Anti-Racism and Alternative Media (ACE 011)
Sponsored by OPIRG-York

Chair: Sharmeen Khan

Ladan Mohamed (AQSAzine)
Sheila Sampath (Shameless Magazine)
Criag Fortier (No One Is Illegal Radio)
Steve da Silva (Radio Basics/BASICS)
Noaman Ali (School of People’s Journalism Project of BASICS)

2d: Hyperlocal Ontario: News on the ground in rural Canada (ACE 013)
Chair: Robert Washburn

Roundtable featuring:
Ben Burd
(The Burd Report)
Chris Pelletier
Robert Washburn
(Loyalist College)

3:15 Break/Refreshments
3:30 – 5:00ACE 001 Roundtable #3 – Addressing Crises and Opportunities
Moderator: Patricia Mazepa
Robert Hackett (SFU)
Megan Boler
Michael Goodman
Cathy Edwards
Ian Morrison (Friends of Canadian Broadcasting)
5:15 – 7:30 Reception at Schulich School of Business


Conference Day 2
York University

8:30 am Registration
9:00 – 10:30 Panel Session 3 3a: Access and Participation: Gender and Race in Media (ACE 004)
Chair: Nicole CohenAllison Martell (Shamelesss Wire)
Canice Leung
Michelle Cho
Ronak Ghorbani
Leslie Regan Shade

3b: Experiments in Autonomous Media (ACE 009)
Chair: Scott Uzelman

Scott Uzelman (Queen’s University) Autonomous media revisited
Dorothy Kidd
(University of San Francisco) Re-making the news
Kate Milberry
(University of Toronto) Crabgrass: Spreading grassroots resistance online with Free libre software

3c: Television Policy (ACE 013)
Chair: Gregory Taylor

Michael Lithgow (Carleton University) The invisible giant: Transformations of practice, policy and cultural citizenships within Canada’s community television sector
Steven James May
(Ryerson/York University) Managing CBC/Radio-Canada’s digital TV transition
Wade Rowland
(York University) The moral failure of commercial mass media in liberal democracies as economic inevitability
Gregory Taylor
(McGill University) The local possibilities of digital television

10:30 Coffee/Refreshment Break
10:45 – 12:15ACE 001 Keynote LectureJames Hamilton (University of Georgia):
Media democratization: Challenges to/from the inside
12:15 Break for Lunch
1:15 – 2:45 Panel Session 4 4a: Media Activism: Producing and Resisting (ACE 004)
Chair: Patricia MazepaDean Graber (University of Texas at Austin) Mapping local histories of media activism and citizen journalism 1969, 2009, and beyond
Kirsten Kozolanka & Michael Lithgow
(Carleton University) Un-covering and re-covering diversity and dissent: The Canadian alternative media archive and library
Vern Smith
(Broadcaster/Journalist) & Debbie James (Wayne State University) The biggest WATTs in St. James Town: Marrying co-op radio with co-op housing

4b: Local Media (ACE 009)
Chair: Sonja Macdonald

Jill Troyer (Executive Director, CBC Centres)
Don McLean (Co-founder, Citizens at City Hall, Hamilton, Ontario)

4c: Teaching and Learning Journalism (ACE 011)
Chair: David Skinner

David McLeish Democracy and consensus in newspaper production: Constitution of The Peak, Simon Fraser University’s student newspaper
Wayne McPhail
MakerCulture: Taking things into our own hands
Mike Mowbray
(Concordia University)

4d: Cultural Production Communities (ACE 013)

Chair: Mary Elizabeth Luka

Mary Elizabeth Luka (Concordia University) Art, public television, internet and what else is new? CBC Artspots revisited
Kris Erikson
(Ryerson/York University) What “public photography”? Towards a new vision of democracy
Jacqueline Wallace
(Concordia University) Online communities as cultural intermediaries: Convergence culture at work?

2:45 Break/Refreshments

3:00 – 4:30ACE 001 Roundtable #4 – Opportunities: Where Do We Go From Here?
Moderator: Robert HackettKim Elliot (
Arnold Amber (CWA-SCA Canada)
Steve Anderson (
Dru Oja Jay (Media Coop)
Becky Lentz (McGill University)

4:30 Wrap up and Future Plans

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